Hi there, you kick ass woman, you! Great that you're interested in learning more about WIN's programs and see how they can help you succeed in your life. I have a few quick questions for you and then we'll hop on a call to discuss - much more fun to talk in person than fill out forms or email, no?
Okay, let's do it!
Okay, let's get the basics right first: what's your name?

Awesome, {{answer_57646202}}, now how can I best reach you? Please add your details.

On Skype, Facetime, mobile, landline, via pigeon carried letter...
And what day of the week and time is best for you? Plus what timezone are you in?

Goodie, now if you let me know your email address, I will be in touch shortly to set up a quick call to discuss how I can best help you. Thanks and speak soon!

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